OrderMate - Status Page

All systems operational

The Portal - Operational

Multisite & Integrated Vouchers - Operational

Emails sent from OrderMate Software - Operational

Online Ordering Integration - Operational

Integrated EFTPOS Payments


Oolio Pay (via POS Terminal) - Operational

Oolio Pay (via OPay Pay@Table) - Operational

Tyro - Operational

Doshii - Operational

Linkly - Operational

SmartPay - Operational

Spice - Operational

Driver & Reservation Integration - Operational

Head Office (Multisite Customers) - Operational

Contacting OrderMate - Operational

POSGear - Operational

Cooking The Books Integration - Operational

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Doshii HungryHungry Tyro Westpac Presto Yello Xero Myob Seven Rooms Deliverect Deputy Tanda RMS

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